Torture And Ethical Behavior

Larry James is a retired Army colonel who has handled many administrative roles and holds a doctorate in counseling psychology. He is currentlya dean at Wayne University but decided to apply for a position at the School of Education at the University of Missouri at Colombia. He is one of two finalists for the position, but a minor problem has emerged. Professor James spent 16 months overseeing interrogations at the US Military center at Guantanamo Bay. He also did a stint at Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq. In his autobiography Professor James admits he was present during torture sessions.

“I was sent to Guantanamo not to aid these CIA operatives, but to teach these young men and women, how do you sit down and interview someone without any abusive practices, whatsoever.” During WWII when US forces confronted the Nazis-whose murder performance makes al-Qaeda come across as Boy Scouts, American forces did not employ torture. They actually understood how to sit down and secure information without torture. Perhaps, it is time for Professor James to do some research into interrogation techniques.