Torture And Ignoring It

Many, such as myself were happy that a man won the US presidency who had once taught Constitutional law since my hope was that basic rights of a democracy would now be enforced. Alas, that was then, now is now. The Afghan Independent Human Rights Commission and the Open Society Institute released a report whic  proves that American forces in Afghanistan turned over to the Afghan military detainees they knew would be tortured. “There is compelling  evidence that at least some United States forces continue to transfer individuals to NDS Kandahar despite not only  widely acknowledged risk of  torture, but also evidence that detainees transferred to NDS Kandahar  by US forces have been subjected to torture.”

President Obama did teach Constitutional law and now finds rationale to kill American citizens without due process because they are “terrorists.” So, why should anyone be surprised he is content with sending “terrorists” to those who torture? I suspect the real problem is the torturous rationale which allows such behavior.