Torture By Any Name Is Torture

Members of the United States armed forces are taught about the Geneva Convention and its rules concerning interrogation and torture of prisoners. In a nutshell, a prisoner is not supposed to be subject to torture. Of course, a government run by George Bush and Dick Cheney, two men whose conscience did not allow them to risk their lives in combat, but who watched the TV program, “24” were convinced the Geneva Convention did not apply to any war they began. A CIA officer who oversaw the interrogation program at Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq and pushed for ever harsher techniques of interrogation may soon be charged with crimes. Steve Stormoen, a retired CIA agent, supervised an unofficial program of interrogation in which names of prisoners were not listed and they faced unusual interrogation techniques. In November, 2003, CIA agents did not turn Manadel al-Jamadi over to the Army, but subjected the man to their own style of interrogation. They placed a sandbag over his head, handcuffed him behind his back and chained his arm to a window so he felt pain when moving. Within an hour he was dead.

Back home in America, millions cheered TV stars on 24 who did such interrogation on ground if they did not torture someone, the ticking bomb in Penn Station would kill thousands. Nearly a decade has passed and men like Stormoen continue to escape punishment. Attorney General Eric Holder has appointed someone to investigate the case. Wall Street criminals who tortured the American people got a nice Xmas bonus. We expect no action against those who violated international law. President Obama does not want to bring up old memories.