Torture In Egypt

Once upon a time there was a leader in Egypt who used torture against his opponents. This bad guy was replaced by a new president of Egypt who simply used strong armed approaches which resulted in some forms of torture against his opponents. This resulted in the Egyptian military using its power to end this torture in order that it could assume responsbibility for torture. After all, someone or some group must be engaged in torture or how else could anyone run the government of Egypt? A new group was launched yesterday in Egypt: it is named ‘Journalists Against Torture.” It intends to investigate any claim of torture in their fight to protect the rights of journalists who are investigating charges of torture. This follows the beating and torture of Islam Fathi, a journalist.

How about getting all those who have been torturing one another in a large room and have them work out a code of torture? In other words, why not organize the entire process of torture and set some limits? Torture could proceed, but only under certain conditions. Or, we could form a new corportion, “Torture Incorporated.” Purchase stock in this company and become exempt from being tortured. An infinite approaches to torture are now possible.