Torture Of The Innocent

A basic foundation to English common law and the legal history of the United States of America is that individuals are innocent until proven guilty. Article 13 of the Uniform Code of the US Military makes clear those imprisoned will be treated decently as individuals and not be subject to torture or abuse. Unfortunately, that has not been the fate of Bradley Manning. He was responsible for the famous Wikipedia leaks. At least, he was charged with being responsible. But, during the past few months while awaiting trial, Bradley has been treated worse than a mass murderer.

His lawyer, David Coombs is asking that all charges be dropped because his rights were violated. He was placed in solitary confinement for months, lights  were never turned off, he was stripped naked at night, he had  limited opportunities for recreation and normal activities. When his psychiatrist complained, the guards responded by saying, “we will do whatever we want to.”

Bradley Manning must be released. For some strange reason, Republicans who protest agains the evil government do not appear interested when government  oppresses an individual!