Torture, Torture, Is UK Story In Afghanistan

Future historians undoubtedly will be confused, if not horrified, at the use of torture by supposedly democratic societies during the hectic days of over running the Taliban regime in Afghanistan. Just alone in the United Kingdom there are an estimated 500,000 documents which deal, in one way or another, with torture issues. Recently released classified documents in the UK reveal that M15 interrogators employed torture against citizens of their country before shipping them off to Guantanamo where they could disappear into the dungeons of American refusal to acknowledge what was going on. One document informs M15 interrogators they must decide if the object of their mission is “detention” or “killing” of the person they are questioning!! Another document reveals the Blair government blocked efforts of their own Foreign Office which attempted to provide consular support to a UK citizen and thus the individual went off to Guantanamo.

Lawyers for detained UK citizens are demanding access to documents that might prove their client was tortured or that he was innocent. So far, this effort has not been completely successful. This episode only dramatically shows why President Obama missed an opportunity in January, 2009 to appoint a Truth and Reconciliation Commission to deal with American torture in a manner that looked to the future.