Tough Days For Iranian Leader

This week will not rank among the top days  of life for President Ahmadinejad of Iran. A few days ago in his parliament the president engaged in a  shouting match with an Iranian leader who  hates his guts and both shouted and threatened one another in front of the entire body. Ahmadinejad stormed out when it was clear that parliament was going to impeach one of his Cabinet friends. So, the president decided to head for Egypt and chat with President Morsi, a man who also has many enemies in his own land.

As they walked, a refugee from Syria threw his shoe at the Iranian leader, but missed and hit a guard. It was clear the Syrian was furious at aid  provided President Bashar al-Assad by the Iranian government.

I wonder if Ahmadinejad has considered visiting Jerusalem. At least he will know before leaving that someone will throw a shoe in his direction!