Tough Guys In New York History

There is something about the way of life in the New York, New Jersey area that generates the emergence of tough guys who do not stand for any nonsense, certainly when it comes to challenging their power. Former New York City Mayor, Rudy Giuliani, boasted that any person or group that dared challenge his authority was in for a rough time. I assume this attitude of toughness comes from the history of dock bosses who ran the area, collected their fair share of money and beat the hell out of any worker who dared challenge their authority. Rudy Giuliani, who came from the middle class pretended he was one of the “guys.” So does Chris Christie pretend to be a tough guy. He takes no shit from anyone, assume that you have the right to your own opinions or political choices and he will come down hard on the likes of you.

Yes, these two men were and are bullies. They are the kid in school who shoved little boys and girls around. The bully who decided which boy played in pick up games. The bully who got your lunch although he might allow possession of some potato chips to help you get through the day. Hoboken Mayor Zimmer is simply the latest person to reveal bullying tactics of the Çhristie crowd. You either play by the Christie rules or your city does not get hurricane relief. Frankly, the Sopranos no longer are on TV and it is time to close down pseudo Soprano “bosses” and restore civility to the New York area.

Chris Christie has his moment in the sun of politics. Give him a run of four years as governor and then send him to the oblivion that he justly warrants. New Jersey no longer needs the Sopranos nor does it need the hefty bully who never ceases throwing his weight around–unfortunately, on top of the people of New Jersey!