Tough Or Soft Love Towards Iran?

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has been sworn in as president of Iran despite the reality he may well have been the loser in the recent presidential election in his nation. The situation has created a dilemma for most western nations who would prefer if a reform candidate had gained the presidency of Iran. The French, Swedish and British ambassadors attended the inauguration ceremony while other nations refused to even send the customary congratulations which is offered to a new ruler. Ahmadinejad responded to the snubs with, “well, nobody in Iran is waiting for anyone’s congratulations. We don’t value your congratulations, and we don’t value your smiles.”

However, the Iranian leader does have concerns over being slighted since many of his own nation’s lawmakers refused to attend the ceremony and protestors continue making known their disapproval of his gaining power through fraudulent means. “President” Ahmadinejad may well seek to attract support from European nations if Iran continues to struggle economically. Members of the Iranian parliament are not that interested in European approval, but they regard their new president as being unable to manage an economy.