Tough Times For Swedish Monarchy

These are tough times for those in power, given release of Wikileaks and other such information which cast new light on old guys and gals. The Swedish monarchy did not have a good month as information began circulating regarding olden days that best are forgotten. First, a book, The Reluctant Monarch, depicted King Car Gustav as a philanderer who attended wild sex parties in olden days including nights in underworld Stockhold clubs where anything went and those in power certainly went. The King said that was then and now is now and we all have to move forward and let bygones be bygones.

Queen Silvia, for a moment, at least, was the one who Swedes felt sorry for since her husband’s activities were not the best way to advertise their marriage. Alas, out popped new information concerning father of the bride. Her father, Walter Sommerlath, who she previously claimed had not been “politically active” in Nazi, Germany, was somewhat active. Instead of returning to Nazi, Germany from Brazil in 1939 to run a toy factory, it turns out he took over a factory that had been stolen from German Jews and produced anti-aircraft guns and tank parts. I guess one could classify them as “toys” but that is akin to classifying orgies in sex clubs as a guy’s night out on the town.

Alas, these are not good days for monarchs.

  • RadicalRoyalist

    An opinion poll published AFTER the book you mentioned was released showed that the support for the Swedish Monarchy had risen from 63 percent to 69 percent (for details check my blog)

    And what you called “new information” on Queen Silvia’s father is an old hat. It was discussed in Sweden two years ago. Do some Google research and you’ll find out, that it had been discussed at length and Queen Silvia came out of it without any demage to her reputation.