Toujours L’amour

As a young soldier sent to Europe my  fondest dream was to go to Paris, walk down a street and encounter a gorgeous woman who would gaze in my direction and then take me to her apartment for a night of love.  In case that did not occur, there were always ladies of the night willing to embrace my body for a few francs. For my generation, Paris was the center of love and sex. The years passed and France passed laws that banned women from passively soliciting men on the streets of Paris. But, now, thanks to Najat Valkaud-Bekacem, Women Rights Minister, that odious law will be repealed and women will enjoy the right to have sex with whomever they desire-and for a price.

If it is legal, fewer women will be compelled to seek a pimp for protection against the police. It is is legal, women will be able to ply their trade in the open and in well trafficked area. This means less violence to women.