The tragedy at Fort Hood will linger for weeks, months or even years. Dr. Hassan is reportedly still alive and this might enable securing a clear understanding why a man born, raised, and educated in the United States decided to take guns and open fire on unarmed members of the military. Amidst the confused reports from CNN, it appears he is a single man who did his medical internship at Walter Reade Hospital and may have encountered problems relating to soldiers. Initial reports also suggest he felt himself the object of anti-Muslim feeling in the aftermath of 9/11 and he harbored strong negative feelings toward the war in Iraq.
Hopefully, the mystery of why he took automatic weapons, walked into a deployment center in which soldiers were receiving information about their deployment to Iraq, and opened fire until he had killed about 12 soldiers and wounded over 30. Why? That is the question and no one really knows the answer, but hopefully we eventually will discover.
Unfortunately, this could be a sad moment for many Muslims in America who will come under suspicion because the shooter was a Muslim. Dr. Hassan was an emotionally unstable individual who happened to be of the Muslim religion. At this moment, police are searching a house of a serial killer who reportedly killed about a dozen women and he was a Christian. Nut cases come in all shapes and sizes– and, religions.

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