Tragedy In Jamaica Continues

Young Jamaicans grab their guns and plunge into the streets of Kingston. They erect barriers and string barbed wire atop their defensive positions in order to prevent police and soldiers from entering the Tivoli Gardens hideout of the suspected drug lord, Christopher Coke. Day after day, these young men fight as though possessed with the spirit of an avenging angel in order to protect a man who sells drugs, who uses children to gather wealth and power for himself, who laughs at all forms of authority other than his own. The latest account is that at least 73 human being are dead in this struggle to destroy the power of a thug and gangster whose only contribution to life is death. The real question is not whether Christopher Coke is guilty of being a drug lord or not, the real question is why young men are so willing to risk their lives in defense of death. Why do they man the barricades in order to defend a man whose product is destructive to the lives of so many people?

The answer to these questions is simple. Christopher Coke throws a few thousand around in Tivoli Gardens in order to pose as a benefactor. The solution to eliminating such men is jobs for people, decent health care and social services and opportunities for young people to do something for society that makes them obtain healthy self concept.