Tragedy In Libya Continues

Mobs of Libyans demolished embassies of foreign nations in their capital city as Colonel Muammar Gaddafi displayed his anger at the death fo sons and grandchildren due to NATO air raids. The bombings of his headquarter, the death of his children, the violence in Libya reflect confusion as to how does the world deal with a thug dictator who controls armed forces and is ready to have others die in order to protect his power? Muammar Gaddafi was allowed to rule without outside interference, he was allowed to use his oil in order to force British officials to release a murderer. So, why should anyone be surprised at the latest manifestation of arrogance in allowing mobs to do his dirty work?

Muammar Gaddafi is a symbol of failed Western power beliefs that sucking up to two bit dictators who have oil is a long term policy to bring democracy and good government to the Middle East. In Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu refuses to compromise and the West allows him to get away with this behavior. In China, the government cracks down on dissidents and understands there will be no retaliation. In the Congo millions have died and, aside from words of sorrow, no nation gives a damn.

Muammar Gaddafi was allowed to become a tyrant. Now, we live with the consequences.