Tragedy Of Africa

The tragedy of Africa is among the most confusing in the world. It contains an intelligent population, it contains vast natural resources, and it contains the capacity to become an economic powerhouse. There is turmoil in another African nation, French troops have entered the Central African Republic after violence filled the streets of its capital, Bangui. A faction of the armed forces rebelled against the government which had been installed by a different part of the armed forces which had rebelled against a previous government. Hundreds of French troops are now in the country to disarm and confine rebels who seek to resort to violence in order to get power or money or the ability to beat up those who do not agree with them.

French troops have entered at least three west African nations so far this year. The death of Nelson Mandela yesterday is the great African tragedy. Africa did possess A leader who was not interested in money or power. The absence of such leaders in the African Tragedy.