Tragedy Of Cuba– Political Repression Continues

Supporters of the Communist regime in Cuba frequently remind one of Benito Mussolini who excused away brutality against political prisoners on grounds he made the trains run on time. The Castro regime has improved health care and education in Cuba but its continued refusal to allow freedom of speech, assembly and elections removes any opportunity to support the beneficial aspects of the Cuban regime. Cuban-American and journalism groups throughout the world are protesting the abusive treatment of political prisoners in Cuba. The wife of Juan Carlos Herrera Acosts told the Committee to Protect Journalists her husband sewed his lips together in protest against inhumane conditions in Cuban prisons. The Cuban government refused to comment about the 22 political prisoners whose case is being taken up by journalists throughout the world. Herrera was convicted under Cuba’s Law 88 which makes it a crime to disseminate any information or disturb public order with the aim of furthering the US embargo against the island.

Cuban authorities removed the stitches and forced Herrera to eat but he continues his defiance against the brutality of Cuba’s rulers who will not allow free expression in their nation. Amnesty International lists Herrera as among those “imprisoned solely for the peaceful expression of their beliefs.”

  • Henry Gomez

    Good post but I’ll take it one step further. Cuba’s healthcare system is in a shambles. Not that it’s been any great shakes in the Castro era, most of that is just propaganda. But now with Cuba bartering its doctors to other countries many of the clinics are understaffed. The thing is that the Castro brothers don’t even make the proverbial trains run on time. They just say they do.

    As far as education goes, what good is being able to read if you can’t read what you want to read? What good is being able to write if you can’t write what you want to write?

    Is a well-kept slave a slave nonetheless?