Tragedy Of Darfur Continues

Every so often the media will decide to devote a few paragraphs or a few photos to the tragedy which unfurls in Darfur almost daily. Over 300,000 are dead, but their deaths have never generated the notice or protests which accompanied recent deaths in Gaza when 1,300 died. The indifference to Darfur can be interpreted as a reflection that Europeans or Americans simply are not that interested in the plight of Africans. In the latest example of Sudan aggressiveness, Sudanese troops took control of still another town and forced even more refugees to flee. The rebel Justice And Equality Movement, (JEM) fled the town, but they undoubtedly will continue fighting in more rural areas.

At least 30 civilians are dead, and more forced to join the 30,000 who have been displaced since January fighting and eventually these people will join the million refugees who now live in camps under UN supervision. UN forces may be in the vicinity of fighting but they tend to maintain a low profile and allow the killing and displacement process to continue.