Tragedy Of Darfur Goes On And On

The tragedy of Darfur had a beginning, but it appears less and less likely that it will have an ending in the forseeable future. Rebel commanders in Darfur have accused Arab militias which are backed by the Sudan government of attacking villages in southern regions of Darfur. Major Ahmed Salah, of the UN military group stationed in the area, said, “I can confirm fighting but, between whom and whom has not been confirmed.” However, he noted that units of the Sudan army blocked the path of UN forces. There are reports of janjaweed activity in the area and the villagers can expect attacks which will result in death, burning of buildings and violence toward women.

There have been ongoing protests about failure on the part of the Sudan government to halt the violence, but nothing is ever changed. The only certainty in Darfur is that ordinary people will suffer.