Tragedy Of Egypt

Egypt for most people in the world represents our common past as humans. It was in Egypt thousands of years ago that many aspects of what eventually would become part of human civilization first emerged. The tragedy of Egypt is to have spent hundreds of years under foreign rule and the result has been an inability to organize a modern government. A new report from the office of President Morsi  claims that during demonstrations in Tahrir Square hundreds were not only arrested by the military but when sent to hospitals doctors were  ordered not to give those wounded an anaesthetic! A senior military doctor ordered subordinates to operate on wounded people without anesthetic or sterilize instruments! Some patients were beaten by doctors and nurses.

According to a doctor on the scene, they were ordered to assault patients who participated in demonstrations. His description has been confirmed by others who were present during these attacks. In addition to this horror it appears the Army hired ‘baltigiya”-thugs to beat up protesters.

The real problem is that President Morsi has allowed members of the Muslim Brotherhood to beat up those opposing their ideas on how to run Egypt.