Tragedy of Iraq

The people of Iraq are in the process of holding an election. The people of Iraq are in the process of a civil war which has cost the lives of thousands. The people of Iraq are divided, angry, and attempting to grasp what went wrong from the hopes of a decade ago when supposedly, the American invasion would result in a birth of democracy. So, what went wrong? Of course, there is no doubt electing Nouri al-Maliki to any public office was a guarantee of war and violence. Instead of reaching out to Sunni leaders and forming a coalition government committed to ending sectarian violence, Maliki began a war of terror upon Sunnis which has resulted in the growth of al-Qaeda. So, what went wrong?

1. The Bush administration from day one in March, 2003 never understood the importance of ensuring that Sunni and Shiite worked together to create an independent Iraq.

2. The Bush administration never grasped the depth of religious hatred due to the fact that Saddam Hussein was a Sunni who persecuted the majority Shiite population. This meant Shiites harbored deep feelings of revenge. There was no program, no thought, no commitment to coalition government.

3. The Bush administration never considered that establishing a Shiite government led by religious fanatics would result in persecution of the one million Christians. It is now estimated that over half the Christian population has fled in terror from Iraq.

So, there is an election today. Nour al-Maliki will win. He will continue his policies of revenge toward Sunnis, and within a few years all the Christians will be gone from Iraq. Chalk up another victory for the incompetent dynamic trio of Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld!