Tragedy Of Iraq

Once upon a time, not so long ago there were some wise men who believed it was their responsibility to share their wisdom with those in the backward Middle East who did not understand how to create a modern society. So George and Don and Dick sent American forces into Iraq in order to get rid of the bad, bad dictator and replace him with peace and democracy. Oh, there were a few minor problems but George sent in General David who slew the evil giant beasts and brought peace and democracy to those in Iraq.

It is a decade later. Over the weekend at least 51 more people died due to terrorist attacks-hey, I thought General David ended violence with his “surge?” Each day there is another and another car bombing, another and another attack by either Sunni or Shiite folk and the war goes on.

Good news! George is chopping wood in Texas and Dick is wandering around giving his words of wisdom to all and Don is writing books to make gobs of money. And, Iraqis die and die.