Tragedy Of Israel

I was a teenager in New York City when the new state of Israel was born. As Jews, we hailed the appearance of a nation in which Jews would be the majority and could demonstrate how Jews were not like other nations which had engaged in horrible acts during World War II. In a sense, Israel was to be the city on the hill which symbolized a society in which people of all faiths could live in peace and security. Unfortunately, that dream was shattered by Arab nations which launched invasions. In fairness, most Israel leaders for over half a century did their best to reach out to Arab countries and offer peace, but those efforts failed. However, during the process of attempting to obtain peace and failure to obtain peace, an attitude emerged in Israel among many people that peace was impossible because Muslims were warlike. Thus, a garrison state mentality emerged which denied any possibility of peace with others.

US Secretary of State John Kerry has been working diligently in an effort to obtain a compromise peace process between Israel and the Palestine Authority. Instead of the Golda Meiers and ben-Gurion type Israel leader, he now deals with Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and those who hate Muslims. Kerry made clear to Israel that unless it is willing to compromise the alternative will be a growing demand for boycott in Europe of Israel products. “There is talk of boycotts and other things. He pleaded that today’s status quo “cannot be maintained. It’s not sustainable. It’s illusionary.”

Prime Minister Netanyahu rejected the warning. He insists the boycott threat “will not achieve the goal.” His Economic Minister, Natali Bennett made clear the current belief of the Israel government, “only security will buy economic stability.” In other words, guns over compromise.