Tragedy Of Israel

There is something ironic in having  an American president visit the state of Israel and offer words of advice that compromise is important in resolving conflicts. President Obama confronts nut cases from the Republican party who oppose any form of logical economic programs to handle a recession. He daily encounters men like Congressman John Boehner, who when confronted by evidence the economy is advancing without further tax cuts, insists the solution is to reduce taxes on the wealthy. Israel has its version of the Republican party and men like Boehner. Incoming Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon opposes any  compromise with Palestinian leaders and insists there is no need to halt further settlements on the West Bank nor is there need to release Palestinian prisoners who could aid a peace process. The solution is simple in his eyes, just “manage the situation.”

Naftali Bennett,  head of the Jewish Home Party, promises to oppose any Palestinian state and his fellow idiot, Avigdor Lieberman is dead set against compromise or peace  deals with Palestinians. So,why is President Obama going to Israel?It is show and tell to prove to right wing Republicans that he does not intend to use his power to protect the rights of Palestinians.

Obama has consistently refused to work for peace in the Middle East. I assume he intends to pass on to the next president this problem. Polls in Israel reveal that  two-thirds of Israelis want to witness the establishment of a Palestinian state. This is the tragedy  of Israel.