Tragedy Of Sgt. Bales

Staff Sergeant Robert Bales has served his country from 2001 to his arrest in March, 2012. He served in Iraq from 2003-2004, in Iraq from 2006-2007, in Iraq from 2009-2019 and in Afghanistan from 2001– March, 2012. Four deployments in areas of the world where each day is a contest entailing whether one lived or died. Several days ago, Sergeant Bales left his post in the night, went to a neighboring village and proceeded to sun down 16 innocent Afghan women and children. He returned to base and quietly surrendered. As these words are being written Sgt. Bales is back in America and in a military prison. A trial will be held, there will be “experts” testifying for an against his conviction of murder. There is scant doubt Bales will be convicted of some form of murder.

His family has been moved onto a military base in order to protect his wife and children from a Muslim nut just like him. Sergeant Bales is guilty of murder. He killed sixteen people. But, where is public outcry for Bush/Cheney,/Rumsfeld who are responsible for the deaths of thousands? Neither will ever stand trial for their murders. Neither will stand trial for initiating war. These men will received hundreds of thousands in order to discuss their crimes against humanity.

Such is America, 2012