Tragedy Of Syria Gets Worse

We are approaching the end of a year of conflict in Syria during which time its President Bashar al-Assad has conducted a war of violence against his own people. Today things became  worse than ever. In the city of Homs, government mortar batteries open fire on the town and an estimated 200 people are dead and hundreds others wounded. Initial  reports suggest the artillery assault may have arisen over the presence of Army defectors who were setting up check points. Regardless, it was innocent civilians who were murdered by their own president.

As the Syrian government slaughtered its people, Russia fought a battle to halt passage of any form of tough resolution by the UN Security Council. Prime Minister Vladimir Putin prefers allowing tyrants to remain in office and fears once the UN gets involved in ending such dictatorial governments, they might glance in his direction.

By the way, where are imam led demonstrations against the murder of fellow Muslims? Perhaps, if Syrian rebels waved cartoons they might receive support from their fellow Muslims.