Tragedy Of Syria Goes On

There is increasing evidence that the fall  from power of Bashar al-Assad will only result in another civil war between Islamic fanatics and those seeking a more inclusive Syria which respects the rights of all religions. Alawite and Christian minorities fear for their lives if Islamic rebels overthrow the Assad regime. Now, Kurds have joined the fear company. Elements of the Free Syrian Army crossed the border from Turkey and are now assaulting Kurdish people in the town of Ras al-Ain. The Kurdish National Council appealed to Free Syrian forces to cease their shelling of the town and killing of innocent people.

After the death of over 60,000 innocent people it is most likely revenge will be on the minds of thousands once Assad,family and friends leave the country and gain sanctuary elsewhere. O f course, those remaining will face the consequences of Assad’s brutal policies. Thousands of innocent people will die-along with the murderers. The end result will be anger and hate.