Tragedy Of Syria

One can only gaze with admiration for the bravery displayed by those fighting for human rights in Syria. Thousands have risked lives and homes and property in the quest to inhabit a land which is based on principles of democracy for all. Or, is what I just wrote accurate? Many in the opposition Syrian movement which opposes President Bashar al-Assad increasingly fear their compatriots as much as they do the government.  As thousands of jihadis sweep into Syria with goals that have nothing to do with democracy as much as they do with power, one can only wonder -who are the good guys?

Orthodox Muslims, al-Qaeda, haters of the Alawite rulers and those who oppose equal rights for Christians also fight for “freedom.” It would be a mistake for President Obama to support any group at this point, we have to wait until events become clearer as to who will gain power in a post Assad government.