Tragedy Of Trayvon Martin

The history of the United States contains ongoing examples of how those lacking political, economic or social power are invariably the subject of oppression. Trayvon Martin went to get George Zimmerman who did not something about the boy and decided to teach him a lesson. The boy was black skinned, the man was not. According to Zimmerman Trayvon threatened him and therefore it was necessary to defend himself by shooting and murdering the boy.

The Florida police chief who initially agreed that Zimmerman was acting in self defense decided to step down from his position due to a vote of no confidence on the part of the city council. This tragedy can be  blamed on the National Rifle Association which has pushed for laws that allow any nut case to carry a gun and then use it as long as he can cry, “self defense.” This attitude of “individual rights” is simply another manifestation of Republican “rights” carried to an extreme.

There are eye witnesses who have not been interviewed by the police. There is a recording of Trayvon shouting for help, but if one has the NRA on his side, then he must be right. Hopefully, the State Attorney General will take action.