Tragedy Of Young Americans

The generation that was born in the last decades of the 20th century have now attained the age of 30 and their behavior exemplifies lack of interest in social justice or how to create a modern America. Most spend countless hours on Facebook sharing trivia about what was eaten or their clothes or some cute comment from their child. In one sense, the social media has deadened minds and made the unimportant, important.

I seek evidence those under 30 seek to create a government which will create a 21st century American economy and –school system. Billions are spent keeping alive a school system which teaches the wrong curriculum, using wrong methods to students lacking any interest in what is being taught. Proof– one third of American students do not graduate from high school in four years.

A high percent of those under 30 believe devotedly in the power of the Tooth Fairy. She will bring them a good life with lower taxes for the wealthy, an end to women being able to control their bodies, and send all the immigrants back to Mexico. The good news would be plenty of jobs picking peaches.