Tragedy Of Zimbabwe Not Changed

There were hopes three months ago–not high ones, but hopes–when a power-sharing a government was formed between opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai and President Robert Mugage that the president would make some attempt to cease his incompetent rule and allow those with technical knowledge to attempt fixing a broken system. The nation remains mired in poverty, nearly 90% are unemployed and most civil servants such as teachers are not getting paid very much. On Monday, two journalists were arrested for printing the wrong thing and farmers complain that Mugabe thugs continue to disrupt needed farm production. Although a few hundred million dollars have been provided the government, most investors will not place money in a society run by thugs who are ready to seize control of any outside business on grounds they are still fighting the evils of colonialism.

There is only one solution–Mugabe must go, the police and army must be placed under new leadership and those with technical knowledge must be placed in charge of the government in an attempt to restore the confidence of business people and bring some semblance of organization to a broken system.