Tragedy Of Zimbabwe

There is the African tragedy of poverty, the African tragedy of disease, the African tragedy of lack of educaton, and the African tragedy of ignoring the need for competent government. Robert Mugabe once again stole and election and his fellow African leaders hailed this travesty of democracy. After all, Mugabe has been around for thirty years, is 89 and certanly is entitled to another thirty years of brutal dictatorship. Not a single African leader denounced this “election.”south African President Jacob Zuma offered his “profound congratulations.”

Morgan Tsvangirai, who cooperated with Mugabe in hopes of providing the basis of a fair election is devastated. His Movement for Democratic Change(MDC) wound up with about 34% of the vote, if one actually believes that was the final count. Tsvangirai told the media, “I thought l like everyone else in the world, president Mugabe, Zanu-PF would respect Zimbabweans.” Ha, Ha.Dream on. Mugabe is a thug and dictator and always will be this type of ruler.