Training Afghan Soldiers

There is something rather bizarre about American soldiers deeply involved in training young Afghan soldiers in the year, 2013. The American military arrived in Afghanistan in 2001, that is over a decade ago and one is left wondering what took place over the past decade in terms of training a new Afghan military that could assume responsibility for protecting their nation. It is simply one more reminder at the incompetence of the George Bush administration in “nation building.” Or, should one say, failure to understand the nature of how to assist people develop the infrastructure and components of a modern society. What does this mean:

1. There was need for land reform to ensure that rural people–the majority– had a stake in the nation.

2. An honest government which meant ensuring that men and women with the knowledge of business ran the government.

3. Creating an educational system for young Afghan recruits.

4. Understanding the process of combating guerrilla opponents.

5. Ensuring that Afghan soldiers respected people and any who violated this concept were severely punished.

Of course, neither George Bush nor the Cheney/Rumsfeld crowd understood anything about fighting a guerrilla war.