Transforming Israel Into A Jewish State Of Mind

For those whose ancestors migrated to America from eastern Europe, it is difficult to grasp how Jews in Israel consider themselves to be Jews. It might help to improve a Jewish attitude if the following happened in Israel:

1. Jewish students learn about hatred and discrimination against Jews in Europe and the US. Kids, we faced restrictions on where we could live, just like the ones you folks impose on Palestinians!

2. Create a Virtual Reality program that places students in Nazi Germany where they can learn about the fruits of hatred.

3. Send Avigdor Lieberman back to Russia, he fits in with Putin’s ideas on government.

4. Place Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in a room where he spends fifteen hours a day listening to his racist hating statements against Palestinians.

5. At least 10% of tech jobs in Israel reserved for Palestinians.

6. A compulsory course on Muslim cultures and Arab history.

7. At least two Arab Israelis in the Cabinet.

8. Israel should take lead in creation of a Middle Eastern Economic Union.

9. End control of Orthodox Rabbis over marriage and who is a Jew.

10. Prior to displaying hatred toward Palestinians ask self: Is what I am doing what was done to Jews in Europe and America?