Transgender To The Front!

As one born in 1930 I have witnessed the gradual change within American society that has increasingly resulted in affording rights to our members who once inhabited the dark regions of America and were denied opportunities to reveal, not only their faces, but their very presence. No, America does not offer equal opportunities for many groups such as African Americans or Native Americans or gays and lesbians. I could cite many other groups which do live in peace without fear of being murdered, but also without equal opportunities to succeed in society. Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel finally openly spoke about equal rights for those who are transgender. He is now willing to afford them the right to get killed by being a member of the armed forces. He said, “every qualified American who wants to serve our country should have an opportunity if they have the qualifications and can do it.”

It is strange how throughout the history of America black skinned men and women were denied the right to serve and die for their country. Now, transgender will be afforded that right to die. Isn’t it wonderful to have the equal right to die??