Transgender Veterans Claim Discrimination

A new study by a California research center finds veterans who changed their sex after getting out of the military encountered considerable prejudice when trying to use Veteran Administration facilities. They report being repeatedly asked questions concerning their sexual orientation from staff who appear quite hostile to their decision to change sex. The survey spoke with more than 600 individuals who changed sex after leaving the service although many said they had made the decision for a change while still in the armed forces. The VA does not cover sex changes, but the individuals claim when they go to the VA for normal medical issues they are harassed and asked embarrassing questions. They are not asking for special treatment, only equal treatment.

Monica Helms, president of the Transgender American Veterans Association points out, “we did our time” and whatever we did once leaving the service should not interfere in the quality of treatment by the VA we deserve. Eighty six percent of the survey participants obtained honorable discharges and there is no excuse for annoying those who have served in the military.