Trayvon Martin Is The “Bad Guy”

Given the presence of Fox News and the Conservative media is was simply a matter of time before they began to rewrite the death of Trayvon Martin. The chorus of defense for George Zimmerman increases daily as Fox News and their commentators– particularly those pert blond long legged ignorant women–begin to question what really occurred in Florida. Let me offer the Fox News interpretation of events.

George Zimmerman, a decent hard working man volunteered to service his neighborhood by serving on its watch detail. One night he saw a hooded figure who was carrying something in his hand. George, being a good watcher, contacted the police and was told to remain where he was until they arrived. He did. Suddenly this boy who weighed at least one hundred pounds less than he did, jumped him and shoved George to the ground and began to beat the daylights out of him. What else could George do but grab his gun and defend himself!

Yes, a boy who was out weighed by over a hundred pounds attacked this man. Yes, for my next story, let me tell you all about the Tooth Fairy and what she will bring when you lose a tooth.

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  • HypnoSwag

    Trayvon Martin was a scumbag who degraded women via his Twitter account. He took pride in being a thug and an asshole. Karma bit him in the ass. It’s not my place to say he deserved to die. I leave that judgment to God. Regardless, Trayvon is burning in hell now.