Trayvon Martin Not Forgotten

Another black skinned young man is dead and his killer walks the streets in safety, if not as a new hero of those who believe if one fires a gun then one fires for freedom. There is no surprise or shock at the Non Guilty verdict for George Zimmerman, after all, he not only had the law on his side, but he had God on his side. In America, circa 2013, all one has to do is claim they fired the shot in order to protect self against a criminal and talk shows and speeches will result with lots of money coming in. After all, Zimmerman was tried by a jury of his peers-five whites and one Hispanic, not a black body among them.

This madness began twenty years ago when conservative Supreme Court Justices over-ruled a hundred years of judicial belief that government has a rich to restrict use of guns. The real criminal is not George Zimmerman but Republican biased Justices on the Supreme Court.

I hate to tell these men but in Western days, one left his gun at the sheriff’s office when coming to town.