Treason In Russia

There is a land far, far away which is ruled by a very, very wise man named Vladimir Putin. He was born in the Soviet Union and served in the secret  police where he learned the importance of all citizens in the land being obedient and respectful toward those who run the country. A  member of the Russian Duma was invited to speak at Freedom House on a discussion of democracy. One Dimitry Gudkov, a Duma member, offered critical comments about the iron fisted rule of Putin and expressed concern the Duma was not forceful in opposing the drift toward totalitarianism. These words shocked members of his party, Just Russia, along with just about every other party. Gudkov was expelled and threatened with being charged with treason.

The statement signed by most members of the Duma said: “We believe that Gudkov’s statements are effectively tantamount ¬† to calls for illegal acts that violate the sovereignty of the Russian state>”

Where did he get this idea that one is allowed to criticize those who lead a nation?