Trial And Tribulations Of Oscar Pistorious

The great majority of people in South Africa are blacks but there does remain a strong minority of whites. Thus, the entire nation now has an opportunity to come together with their television sets and watch the drama unfold as to did the famous runner, Pistorious, known as the Blade Runner, blast away and kill his girl friend the gorgeous Reeva Steenkemp with four blasts of his gun. He claims that he heard a sound in the bathroom and since he did not have on his legs, there was nothing else he could do but fire away into the bathroom because he thought his girl friend was asleep in the bedroom. A neighbor claims she heard the screams and then shots being fired. Her husband was cross examined and he insisted that neither he nor his wife discussed their testimonies but did corroborate her story.

Defense lawyer, Barry Roux wants to know how Reeva could have been screaming since she was shot in the brain. At this point, let me leave this case and go elsewhere. This comes across as another O.J.Simpson trial in which both sides offer confusion. Reeva’s mom is at the trial and she tried to make eye contact with the Blade Runner, but instead of running he was taking notes.

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