Trial By Anger

Nidal Hasan is a major in the army of the United States of America. He is an angry man. He is angry because only 2,900 died in the 9/11 bombing. He is angry because American troops entered Afghanistan and destroyed the power of the Taliban and brought some rights to women. Nidal Hasan wants to do something that will bring him fame and glory among Muslims in the world. So, he upped and shot a few dozen fillow troops on his military base including several who died. He has decided to be his own lawyer for the trial currently taking place to decide his fate. Lt. Co. Kris Poppe was appointed to assist Hasan in the defence because he refused to allow a qualified lawyer to defend his actions. Poppe told the judge that it is “clear his goal is to remove impediments to the death penalty.”

In other words, Hasan wants to die. He does. Hasan sees in death his immortal fame. Sorry, Nidal, ten years from now no one in any Muslim society will know what “Nasan” means. Such is the fleeting path of those who seek to die for God.Hasan might consider reading stories about the Kamikazes who died for the emperor during WWII. They are dead and gone wherever one goes after death. Don’t worry Nidal, you will die.