Trial By Jury, US Style

I just completed teaching colleges students about the Constitution of the United States when I learned  that at Guantanamo a judge is considering imposing broad security rules which will prevent a man on trial from telling anyone in the courtroom how he was tortured at various CIA bases prior to being imprisoned. Prosecutors insist if a man who was  tortured reveals where and how he was tortured that would reveal to “our enemies” where we beat and assault prisoners. If al-Qaeda or the Taliban knew where they would be tortured God knows what they would do with this information!

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed will shortly go on trial and seeks to inform the judges what happened to him. He was sort of beaten up and forced to say what his interrogators wanted him to say. I assume that is not of interest to anyone who hears the case. As an ACLU attorney pointed out: “what we are challenging is the censorship of the defendants testimony  based on their personal knowledge  of the government’s torture and detention of him.!”

Thank God we have a Constitution which allows censoring what defendants can or cannot say!!