Trial Dwindles Down To Tears

There is scant doubt the trial of the century for those living in South Africa is coming to an end. Oscar Pistorious was led through an emotional description of events by his own lawyer which provided him an opportunity to cry, shake with emotion and just let it all hang out in order to prove to the world that he loved his girl friend and was ready to do anything to protect Reeva the beautiful one. Unfortunately for Oscar Pistorious, he has been battered and attacked for days by the prosecutor, Gerrie Nel, one mean dude. Mr.Nel is one of those pit bulls who never lets up and so enjoys tearing to bits any statement of someone on trial. Hour after hour he has honed in on inconsistencies in the Pistorious version of reality.

Why didn’t he immediately have Reeva call the police while he investigated?

Exactly what type of noises did he hear behind the locked door?

He claimed to move toward the burglar or burglars, but he didn’t have on his legs!

Throughout the past several days, Pistorious has engaged in one emotional crying binge after another. As Gel noted: “Mr. Pistorious, you’re sung your emotional state as an escape.” Of course he is. There simply is no logic to this story.

There are tears of anger, there are tears of fear, there are fears of terror, and there are fears of being convicted.