Trial Of Century In South Africa

The trial of Oscar Pitorious, double amputee athlete who has astounded the world with his speed has just begun in South Africa. The defendant informed the judge when she asked if he was guilty, “not guilty, my lady” and the trial of the century commenced. According to Mr. Pitorious he was with his girl friend, Reeva Steenkamp in his apartment when he heard a noise in the bathroom and decided to blast away with four shots since he was convinced that his girl friend was on the bed. He insists that since he did not have on his “legs” but was reduced to his stumps that he was a man without the capacity to use physical force in order to defend himself so he just fired away into the bathroom. For some reason, the woman who was supposed to be in the bed was in the bathroom and thus was killed. The sequence is rather interesting and I have no way to formulate any opinion as to whether it is correct or incorrect. It does come across as sort of weird.

The first witness was a woman in another apartment who heard “terrible screams from a woman around 3:00 am.” This is one trial that will leave people wondering regardless of the outcome. Ah, think of the dozens of books to be written about the case regardless of the outcome? Another Kennedy bonanza for authors!