Trials And Bumbling Of CIA!

During the past fifty years, the CIA has most probably spent at least $700 billion in its role as America’s primary agent in uncovering foreign agents. Of course, during that time, it failed to provide advance knowledge of any major event, but, then again, secret agents enjoy being secret. In the latest bumbling and stumbling activity of the CIA it now turns out, a CIA agent who provided “key”information about the Libyan Lockerbie bombing was not exactly who he claimed to be, but, in reality, he worked in the garage at the airport. Mr. Giaka, who worked for the Libyan Arab Airlines at the Malta airport wrote numerous messages explaining to the CIA things that could or could not take place while all the time working at the airport garage . At the Lockerbie trial, four judges described his testimony as “at best grossly exaggerated and at worst simply untrue.”

Perhaps, some day when the real history of the CIA is finally written, the American people will learn how inept was this agency. This blog awaits evidence the CIA could get something right.