Trials And Tribulations Along McCain Campaign Trail

Senator Barack Obama took off for two days in order to spend time with his ailing grandmother and this offered Senator John McCain an excellent opportunity to dominate the news media. So, what happened? After days of discussion concerning the Palin wardrobe of $140,000 for a woman who goes around boasting she is just a “soccer mom”(I assume in the Republican millieu in which Mrs. McCain operates, most soccer moms spend over a hundred thousand on clothes) along comes Ashley Todd. Ms. Todd undoubtedly has emotional issues, but her weird story about being attacked by a tall black man(do short black men ever assault innocent Republican women?) was obviously a made up tale, but the Republican right wing media went wild with stories about it. Instead of focusing on a “message” about Obama, they devoted hours to a false story which eventually had to be recognized as incorrect.

The history of the McCain campaign will focus on his complete inability to identify a “message,” and then hammer away at it. Weeks have been spent on Bill Ayers at a time when most Americans are witnessing the disappearance of their wealth and, frankly, most under 40 believe references to the “weathermen” are something about the six o’clock man who tells the weather. “Joe the Plumber” turns out to be a man who is not a licensed plumber and who owes back taxes, and now McCain is rambling on and on about Obama taxing the American people and “redistributing the wealth” at a time when wealthy bankers and brokers are getting millions from the bail out.

John McCain’s bumbling, stumbling campaign could best be explained if the Three Stooges were the organizers of it. Then again, maybe it simply reflects the Two Stooges who are in charge. Hey, Curly, I guess they left you out.