Trials And Tribulations Of Athletes And Seniors

It is difficult these days picking up a  newspaper without encountering a sorrowful story of some athlete who is  being oppressed. Victor Cruz of the New York Giants has been offered a contract which would pay him $8 million of year for several years but he believes himself to be subject to the tyranny of management. Those who own the Giants are making gobs of money, they do not need assistance  from me or anyone else. We inhabit a society of men who believe in the God of entitlement, they are entitled to make money. The same attitude predominates  on Wall Street. They believe themselves entitled to untold millions. Just check the Constitution, that amendment follows the Second.

It is rather ironic that Republicans rant and rave about selfish seniors who believe themselves entitled to receive $2,000  a month and, in so doing, wreck the American economy. And, to make matters worse, they believe themselves entitled to medical care!

Selfishness is the new American norm.