Trials And Tribulations Of Chris Christie

The Number One rule of those who engage in the political process of the United States of America is that one always regards personal safety as the most important goal in life. If protecting me requires that I throw my best friend under the wheels of an investigation, then so long, my buddy! David Wildstein who was the official in the Port Authority placed in the position to close lanes leading to the George Washington Bridge which turned into a debacle for the Chris Christie administration. David and Chris were in high school together and regarded themselves as close friends. Ah, “close friend” issue. David’s buddy made clear to the media that he was innocent and if you need someone to blame, just check out the Wildstein kid.

David is now fighting back and he is angry as one who has been abandoned by a buddy usually feels. He released a statement that directs eyes to the Christie administration and says the order to close lands came from “the Christie administration.” He is apparently pissed off at his former buddy’s statements about his performance. David now contests the accuracy of Christie statements that pertain to his actions “and he can prove the inaccuracy of some.”

How about another hurricane and your arm around the body of Barack Obama to get out of this mess?