Trials And Tribulations Of Dealing With Some Muslims

I confess to ignorance regarding many facets of the Muslim religion and certainly would not knowingly do anything that might offend another person, particularly when it comes to a deep felt belief. But, there are occasions when I am lost when it comes to the ideas of a some Muslim adherents. Andrea Fuentealba, a pop singer from Chile who goes by the stage name of “Medina,” decided to offer a free concert in a suburban part of Copenhagen which is home to many Muslim immigrants. She arrived on stage and began singing when a group of about fifteen teenagers began hurling eggs at her and shouting insults. They were incensed, not only at her hot pants and suggestive sexual lyrics, but her name was the main cause of furry. They wanted to know how dare she use the name, Medina, which is the same name as the second holiest city of the Muslim religion. Medina and most of the 3,000 people in attendance tried to calm the young men, but they shouted and cursed until the singer left the stage in tears.

Medina is a common name in Chile and it is doubtful if anyone in this Catholic nation realizes the name is similar to the city of Medina in Saudi Arabia. My confusion stems from the fact a high percentage of Muslim men have the name, “Mohammed” which is the name of the Prophet. Could someone explain to me why using the name of the Prophet is OK, but using the name of a city is not? You got me fellas, I have a hunch a few of the idiots throwing eggs were named, Mohammed.