Trials And Tribulations Of Holidays

It is increasingly clear that if we do not have a conflict today, then we  must work to get one tomorrow. Germany’s Central Council of Muslims(ZMD) has come out for making Muslim holidays legal and proof that Germany respects the Muslim religion. I am of the Jewish faith and was raised in Christian America in which Christian holidays were legal and there was no school. We took off for Jewish holidays and our teachers simply had a nice pleasant day without work-but at full pay. The solution to this demand is simple–allow Muslims who desire to take off for the holiday, but do not provide them with pay. American Jews who wanted to respect their holidays, took off. Those who  did not, went to work or to school. This should be an individual decision and employers or schools can respect these individual decisions.

Respecting other religious holidays in no way impairs integration of all people. It simply allows individuals to adhere to there faith without getting into the complex issue of which holidays to follow. Why not simply term a break in the Spring as “Spring Break?”