Trials And Tribulations Of Mitt

I realize that Democrats continue to demonize Mitt Romney and claim that he is not a suitable candidate for president of the United States of America. Really! If you compare Mitt to Newt or Rick or Rick or Herman or that gal who has no idea about what happened in history, it is clear that Mitt is the intellectual giant of the Republican party. Mitt never knew an idea he once had that is now not his idea. Mitt was for health insurance for all before he came out against health insurance for all.

In Mitt Romney we have a  candidate who now has an unfavorable rating from half the American population. This only goes to prove that half the population likes the man who does not  like half the population. But, one must understand the half he does not like is not like the half he does like. Mitt suffers from being a man for all seasons and thus the winter of  his discontent will soon become the spring of his sorrows.

God Bless you Mitt, what would this presidential race be without your meandering mind which can not stick to one thing before it changes to another?